Share a Post and Get Rewarded

You spend money on data every month. You have WhatsApp. You post stuff on your status and people view it and they leave you to yourself.

Do you want to keep buying data and watching people view your status and go for free?

A smart person will say No!

A wise person will say Hell No!!

A dumb person will say “Ah” and leave this page!!!

Payspieloo is calling you to start earnings from every view recorded on your status with a new marketing initiative called Pay Per Share.

Registration is completely free! You can start this very minute.

It is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and Payspieloo is always on the top when it comes to innovative ways for Nigerians to make extra cash.

So, how does Pay Per Share work?

How Does It Work?

Brands, vendors, marketers, service providers, and tutors give us your money and as a Payspieloo registered user, you are entitled to a part of that cash on one condition.

You must share a post by the brands, vendors, marketers, service providers, and tutors to your WhatsApp. We will reward you for every view you get on your WhatsApp status.

Here are the Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully.

PPS Terms and Condition

1. You must share the post to your WhatsApp status. The post may be picture, video, or text.

2. You must have views on the post and you can earn at least N5 per view for up to 20 views. (We only reward you for 20 views or less.) That means if your WhatsApp records 40 views, we are paying you for only 20.

3. You cannot share the same post more than once in the same day. If there is still sharing quota available on the post the next day, you can share again and earn.

4. You must send us a proof of your posting and we will verify it with your username and the right bots before you can claim your earnings.

5. We have the right to reject a proof if
a) the font of the picture is not congruent with the previous posts you have sent in (that shows fraud). That means the picture must show that the screenshot came from the same WhatsApp app from the same phone.
b) you use photoshopped graphics to create views
c) send us the same picture that another person has sent to us as proof
d) the post you shared has been edited, changed, cropped, etc. That means you must share the post exactly as it is.
e) your username is not correct or you cannot provide verification.
7. You can share as many posts as you like.

This is a huge way to get rewarded online in Nigeria. You don’t have to make payments for registration. Registration is completely free! The only payment made may be to pay is the transaction fee when you want to cash out. The minimum you can cashout is N5000. You can cashout instantly when you earn up to N5000 in your dashboard.

Start now.

Monetize your WhatsApp views today.