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How It

Payspieloo is an online rewards website for those looking to get incentives for their data spent on the internet. It is a game-based website where you can use your knowledge and wit to earn by answering quiz questions, playing fun games and partaking in online surveys.
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Nigerians are among the largest users of social media and the internet in the world. All over the world, users of the internet benefit from using the internet right from the comfort of their homes. Most of these platforms are available to everyone, but Nigerians cannot access or use most of them.

Why? Most of these platforms don't accept anyone browsing the internet with a Nigerian IP address. The few that accept Nigerians only give rewards through PayPal or Skrill, two online payment platforms that are not accessible by Nigerians. Therefore, all these online platforms are completely useless to most Nigerians! That is why Payspieloo is born. Payspieloo is an open platform to Nigerians and Africans who want to enjoy similar priviledges that people from around the world are enjoying. You can benefit greatly instead of using the internet to only waste time.

The concept behind our business is simple. You are getting rewarded for completing surveys, playing an online game and performing other simple tasks. Aside from hosting the popular WWTBAM, Payspieloo acts as a middleman between you and the advertisers who set those tasks and you. You are earning a portion of the revenue that we earn from the advertisers.

The companies compensate to have you buy a product, do a survey or play a game. The reason why these advertisers give compensation for these actions is that it is a guaranteed hit for them.

Advertising is an expensive part of doing business. Companies give out millions for TV commercials, magazine ads and billboards and the ads guarantee no sales at all. You can spend 5 million Naira for a TV commercial, and it does not guarantee that 1 person will buy your product. With such sites, the advertisers compensate the public a percent of the purchase price to try their products. This may sound like a loss to the advertiser, but it is a guaranteed sale for them, and all they are giving you is a discount. This is the same as going to a department store and getting a mail-in rebate, except that it works a lot faster on the net.

How the site works is that they place banners, ads, etc on their sites, and next to the banners, they have the incentive listed that they given to the member who completes the offer. Most of these sites are free to join and have low minimum threshold. Payspieloo is also FREE to JOIN! You can take surveys for free and earn instantly. However, you must register you e-wallet before you can play a rewarded game to earn. For example, you do play 6 games that pay N1000 each; the minimum threshold is N5000 so the N6000 you made from playing the offers will qualify you for the payment threshold. Threshold payments on most sites is usually done once a month, but Payspieloo users can do so in 15 days. You can withdraw all your earnings to your personal Nigerian bank account.

Are you Ready?

Start now. Go up and register and become a part of Payspieloo earners. When you enter, you can choose to continue as a FREE user or upgrade your account by registering your e-wallet.

If you register as a free user, your dashboard will be limited to surveys, sharing posts and free games.

However, registration is completely free. You can start taking surveys and sharing posts to WhatsApp status and earning up to #100 per post. And you can play a game to earn N1,000. Nevertheless, you can give out a token in order to register a wallet on our website. A wallet is necessary to collate your earnings and update your dashboard. Without a wallet, you cannot play games to earn N1,000 guaranteed price.

If you want to advertise your brand, a post, a picture, a banner on Payspieloo, click on Advertise tab in the dashboard. You will buy shares and upload your content to be shared.

You GET FREE N500 for registering your wallet.

Read here to learn more About each Game:



How does it work?

Here it is:You want to advertise your online tutorial and you have a banner ready. You have already advertised on your own WhatsApp status, but your friends are the only ones to see it. Now the whole of Nigeria can help you share your banner and message for their own WhatsApp friends to see. That means you will have people all over the country seeing the post. You can purchase certain number of shares. Shares stand for number of people to upload your post to their status. If you buy 10 shares, only 10 people on Paysieloo will upload your content on their WhatsApp. Each of the people will get rewarded per view on their status. So rest assured you will get views on whatever post you buy shares for.

As a sharer, you can go to the Advertise tab on your dashboard, click Share A Post. You will find shareable posts and the available number of times to share each one. You can only share A POST A DAY. You will submit your proof after 20 views and claim your earnings. It is completely FREE for both advertiser and sharers. Everyone can monetise their WhatsApp views! What are you waiting for?

NOTE: We will manually verify your proof before confirming your payment.

How do rewarded survey sites work?

It’s pretty simple. Simply take online surveys to answer questions about your opinion on different topics. Payspieloo rewards you when you complete surveys with seriousness and honesty. Earn from your time. Make withdrawals into your Nigerian bank account.

Companies, brands, and organizations worldwide are seeking for your opinions to help shape new products they develop and market them. They count on us (survey sites) for market research to tap a test market and provide them with reliable information. If you spend time online and enjoy giving your opinion, Payspieloo is giving you a great side hustle to earn while helping these companies. We will not roll out any bill, unless you want to triple your earning potential by registering an e-wallet. There’s no need to share your credit card information to start taking surveys.

Getting Started

If you choose not to play the game, your wallet will include your free N500 registration bonus. You can earn by doing other easy things apart from playing games or answering quiz questions.

How to earn

  1. The primary way to earn is by playing games like WWTBAM, where you can win by answering quiz questions. You only need to pay N2,000 to enter, take rewarded surveys where you enter for free and win up to N300. There are other games which are designed in order to make you win unless you don't want to win.
  2. You earn N1,000 instantly when you play a rewarded (hot) game. You only need to pay N500 to enter and with the help of in-game ads, you are GUARANTEED TO WIN!
  3. You earn by entering for surveys. You can earn up to N300 for taking part and completing a survey online. You can take as much surveys as you want and increase your earnings.
  4. You earn N1,000 instantly when you refer a friend and they register their wallet. However, if you register a free user, you get 5% of their earnings until they decide to become a rewarded user. If they continue with you as referral, you will get your referral bonus.
  5. You earn N100 instantly when you share a post on WhatsApp.
  6. You can also earn from participating in Payspieloo weekly giveaways, sweepstakes and contests.

  7. NOTE! Minimum withdrawal threshold is N5,000. You will get your reward in your Nigerian bank account in 15 business days.

Incentivize your knowledge and love for fun!

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