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Lagos, Nigeria

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Q. What is Payspieloo?

A.Payspieloo.com is the platform that proides an avenue for youths and old people alike to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday game playing, post sharing, and so on into a tool for making money.

Q. How do I sign up?

A.Creating an income is easy on payspieloo, so is setting yourself up for making money. You will create your account by clicking New to Payspieloo? Register in the menu options from the home page. After completing your account creation, you will be greeted with a simple page to register your wallet. After registering your ewallet, you are all set to start making money. You will get a bonus that is equivalent to the amount to enter into a game on Payspieloo. You can use it to play a game and earn N1,000 instanntly!

Q. How do I create referral link?

A.To create referral link, right inside your dash board, click on your display picture, click on profile then scroll down, then you will see the referral link which you can easily copy.

Q. How do I fund my wallet?

A. To fund your wallet on payspieloo.com, login and open your dashboard. From the dashboard, open the side menu, which is the menu button on the top left corner. The fifth tab is labeled "Fund Wallet".

Click Fund Wallet. You will find the set of amounts payable ranging from minimum of two thousand naira (2000) to ten thousand naira (10,000).

After clicking on the desired fee, the next page shall present you with a form to fill. After filling the form, you’ll click on ‘Pay now’, then, another page shall be displayed.

The displayed page will present to you various ways to fund your wallet, these includes payment with card (ATM CARD), payment with transfer, payment with USSD e.t.c

Click on your desired or available method and proceed.

Q. What type of card(s) is acceptable on payspieloo.com?

A. We accept Verve, VISA and Master card accordingly.

Q. How do I pay or fund my wallet using my ATM card?

A. We believe you have known how to fund your wallet, to complete the transaction with your preferred card, simply input your card details, the paystack page will send you a token for verification and you complete the transaction.

Q. Should I leave my regular job for payspieloo?

A. While payspieloo.com may boast of taking financial care of your family basic needs, yet, we are of the opinion that having multiple source of income is a wise idea.

Q. How much is the maximum I can cash out at once?

A. Here in payspieloo.com, you can withdraw as much as possible, you can even decide to withdraw everything in your account just as most people do.

Q. Is Payspieloo an Investment Scheme?

A.NO! payspieloo.com, Payspieloo Inc, or any other affiliated products will never ask you for your details or lure you to invest in any venture. Payspieloo gives you money for what you do. This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme even though people can actually get rich if they know their way around things and play nicely by the rules. We are not an investment company.

Q. What is eWallet for?

A. The payment you made to register your ewallet is not an investment and Payspieloo is not promising you any ROI. Your ewallet is a specific bank account for processing your own personal earnings and funding for the purpose of your earnings on Payspieloo. You cannot claim earnings without registering an online wallet. Your ewallet is like your personal blockchain and is exclusive to your username. Once you register your ewallet, you will have a N500 registration bonus to start playing your favourite game where you can win N1,000 at a go! Go over to register your ewallet now and have a go at our paying features.

Q. How can I advertise my brand on Payspieloo?

A. With our trademarked and exclusive PPS (Pay Per Share) Ad option, you can advertise your brand by paying for only a specific number of shares you want. Create a free account and open your dashboard. Click on Advertise and from the dropdown, click ADVERTISE. You will fill the form and make payment for the number of shares you want!

Q. How much is the minimum I can withdraw at once?

A. The moment you acquire the specified threshold which is five thousand naira (5000) you can withdraw!

Q. How do I make money on payspieloo.com?

A. There are several ways to earn money on payspieloo.com. You can earn money by referring your friends and family, you can also make money by playing any of our simple games, participating in surveys and sharing sponsored posts.

Q. What does the label ’HOT’ on some games mean?

A. The ’HOT’ label on some games simply means you can only play such games after paying a token and for sure you will earn massively.

Q. Is payspieloo.com a gambling or betting site?

A. payspieloo.com is not a betting or gambling site, as a matter of fact, payspieloo.com is not a ponzi scheme medium where a new subscriber’s money is used to settle old subscribers bill. Our reputation precedes us!

Q. Why should I play games on payspieloo.com?

A. Basically games are often heavy and play a major role in slowing down your devices. Almost everyone love playing games, as a matter of fact a report claims that … mobile games constitute about 21 % of all android app downloads and 25% of all IOS app download in 2020… this simply means that several devices are getting weak because of installed games.

Here on payspieloo.com we strongly believe your passion for games should be rewarded.

Our games need not be installed, they are quite addictive, and will definitely make you smile while withdrawing your money to settle your bills.

Turn your knowledge and love for fun into cash!

Share this with friends and earn more! The more the merrier.

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