What You Should Know About Cyber Security, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

CYBER SECURITY WHAT IS CYBER SECURITY? Cyber security protects our devices such as smart phones, laptops and computers from a cyber attack. If security is compromised, any data stored on these devices could be at risk of unauthorized access, theft or destruction. A cyber security degree is the gateway to exciting job opportunities in a

Cryptocurrency vs. Fiat

Currencies, money, economy! Currencies are means or tender for transactions. Now, what is FIAT, and what is Crypto? They both are currencies in one form or another, and both are openly used across the world. They are both used in transactions, but they are different and distinct in their ways. If you have been reading

Understanding Loops in JavaScript – What are Loops in JavaScript, How are they used?

Having discussed the term Loop in a previous article, but a brief revision won’t be unfair, Loops are preprogrammed number of iterations a certain block of codes or statement would be repeated or fired until a desired condition is met. In JavaScript, loops have standards. Well, all programming languages share quite similar syntaxes or standards,

How to Get and Set HTML Elements’ Attributes, Their Values, and Their CSS Attributes with JavaScript

Before we get started, I would like to quickly recall the term DOM from a previous article. As a reminder, DOM stands for Document Object Model. It is an object-oriented representation of structured documents like XML and HTML An external CSS stylesheet can be applied to any number of HTML documents by placing a <link>

Getting Started With jQuery – Beginners Guide

jQuery is a JavaScript library. This article is for beginners. But before proceeding, it is good to note from our previous article that all modern browser run JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting programming language unlike HTML and CSS because it entails the use of logic. JavaScript is also for responsible for creation of dynamics contents

How to Use Images in HTML – Introduction

Parameters Details Src Specifies the URL of the image srcset Images to use in different situations (e.g., high-resolution displays, small monitors, etc) sizes Image sizes between breakpoints crossorigin How the element handles crossorigin requests usemap Name of image map to use ismap Whether the image is a server-side image map alt Alternative text that should

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