Music Is a Powerful Healing Tool for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Discover the Healing Power of Music

Music, a harmony in rhythm and beats, can be soothing and can help you heal. Music can help you heal your mind and soul from mind throbbing stress and anxiety attacks. Many clinics and therapists recommend certain music for healing anxiety, sleeplessness, and all other mental health issues.

We call this kind of healing process music therapy. But what is Music Therapy?

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a timeless way to heal what troubles you. Humans have probably been using sounds to heal from the earliest time we could produce sounds – and from the time a baby could hear its mother’s heartbeat. Indeed, indigenous peoples have always known the power of sound to heal – and have used it for everything from daily life to sacred ceremonial rituals and healing practices. Native American healing will almost always include music or sound as a significant component of the techniques.

But what sounds really are healing? What do humans experience as soothing, comforting, uplifting, and transformative? Some of the sounds might involve crooning; the soft, high-pitched tones of a flute or reed instrument; the gentle melodies produced by a stringed instrument; the steady, regular beat of a drum; and even the repetitive sounds of chanting or singing. Harmonies have been found in studies to help bring energy fields into coherence, and harmonic chords throughout history have been found in some of the world’s most fabulous musical creations – forms that have lasted centuries.

Most people find loud, discordant sounds to be jangling and disturbing – which is all the more reason why music therapy can be so effective in today’s world, with its cacophony of noise and intrusive sounds. Healing music and music therapy can provide an important counterbalance to the sounds and energies of living in a world that is seriously out of harmony with nature to help restore wholeness and a sense of well-being in a world that may feel increasingly dangerous and unhealthy.

Native flute music has a unique appeal, as do many chants and songs from the “old ones” whose wisdom comes down to us through generations of practitioners and healers. Today more and more Native American healers are willing to share their songs with the world to help us return to a more balanced way of thinking, feeling, and being. Their music lives on in CDs and audio tapes, as well as in the daily lives of those who still try to “walk the beauty road” and live in harmony with Nature and the Earth.

In his book, Music and Fragrance for Health, Blue Eagle, a traditional Native American healer from Canada, shows why music therapy works to clear unwanted energies from your system and how to use the healing power of music – and specific fragrances – to clear and cleanse yourself. Blue Eagle’s series of five music therapy CDs are a useful starting point for anyone who wishes to create a more peaceful environment and heal past or present conditions in the body, mind, or spirit.

In the meanwhile, you can experiment with the sounds you hear around you; recognize which ones make you feel well and at ease and which ones don’t. You may also wish to set aside time to listen to natural or harmonious sounds that make you feel fabulous – that uplift and inspire you – or create your own.

Music Is a Powerful Healing Tool for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Stress and grief can exhaust your body, mind and spirit. After dealing with prolonged anguish, you feel great stress. Your entire life might have been tired from trying to run away from the pain of life and fighting surrounding negativity. At times like these, it may seem impossible to do anything productive. Maybe you’re just tired of struggling and your soul crying out.

Using Music to Heal and Renew

Music can help you find that temporary reprieve you’re craving, that escape from reality and stress you want. More importantly, music can help you deal with grief and even help you face it head on.

When you are confused, exhausted or grieve, music allows song and melody take over while you have a momentary rest. The pleasing sounds and harmony can be comforting and healing to the body and soul, especially in a time of pain. Music can lift stress from your mind while your muscles relax and your vital signs ease toward normalcy.

Listening to music can also be a way to vent feelings and emotions that you may find difficult to release. Music is used for therapeutic purposes in clinical settings as a healing tool.

How to Nurture Yourself Through Music

Let your good music consume you completely to rejuvenate your strength. There are different ways you can make your own music therapy. Follow these steps:

•    Find a quiet place to listen to your favorite music. Close your eyes and be still to completely absorb what you hear. Close out all other thoughts from your mind; just feel the music with your heart. Follow the rhythm, the beat, allow yourself to enter the melody and become a part of the song.

•    Play a new style of music you’ve rarely listen to. That could be rap, big band or you’re your parents’ favourite oldies songs. Open your mind and appreciate the music you’ve never explored before.

•    Allow yourself to relax, and start breathing exercises. Feel the sounds of soft music surround you like a warm blanket and comfort you.

•    Find songs that express what you feel but cannot say. Try to empathize with the lyrics and emotions so that you can release your own.

•    If you love singing, and would like to lose yourself in the energy of any song you choose, you can try that or play on an instrument.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold Auerbach

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