How to Make Money on Payspieloo

Making money in Nigeria has never been easier. They say, “Money no hard to find, na you wan ball like ritualist.”
If you are contented with making money with your smartness, here are ways to make money with Payspieloo after activating your e-wallet:

Promote your business:
Business owners can now use the Advertise option to promote their business for thousands of Payspieloo users to share to WhatsApp. All you have to do is pay for any amount of sharers, starting from 10. That means you have paid for 10 people to share your banner on WhatsApp. That will cost you only 2000, and we are sure that you will get 200 views.

Share posts to WhatsApp:
If you don’t have a business, you can make money by promoting other people’s businesses. You get N100 with every post you share that gets 20 views.

Play Paid Games:
If you have activated your e-wallet, you can make money by playing games. The Quiz game is the biggest game for now, and you can win 30,000 naira by answering 15 questions, just like WWTBAM!

Start MTN Data Business:
Smart entrepreneurs know how to do smart business. With our smart data offer, you can get MTN 1 GB for only 240! Imagine starting a business where you can sell 1 GB for 350 naira! That is 100 gain on only one sale. Imagine selling to 10 people every day… that is a daily profit of 1,000 naira. For 30 days, you are earning more than minimum wage by doing nothing.

While this option is not compulsory, you can earn 1,000 when you refer someone and the person activates their e-wallet.

Become a Gold Member:
A Gold Member is like an admin on the Payspieloo platform. He or she gets notified when a new user activates their e-wallet and he or she can approve the new user’s payment. Every Gold Member earns 500 naira every time they approve a person. If 50 people activate their wallet in one day, and a Gold Member approves at least 10, that is 5,000 naira in a day!

What are you waiting for?

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