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Looking for a way to make some extra money online? If so, there is one method that is so simple, you’ll wish you would’ve found it years ago. Oh, you have already heard of it? Why haven’t you started making money? Lmao! I know, right? There are no survey sites in Nigeria. The ones that accept Nigerians cannot pay your earnings to your Nigerian bank account! It’s not their fault.

This article will help you start making money from surveys because a survey GPT website has just been launched in Nigeria! And they are calling you to use their survey among other things like games and fun!!!

What method am I talking about? Ha! Wait, let’s calm down for you to understand what surveys are and how people can make money with them first.


What are Surveys?

Online survey or internet survey, is one of the most popular data-collection sources, where a set of survey questions is sent out to a set of people who can respond to the questions over the internet.

Organizations use online surveys to gain insights and feedback about upcoming products or services, change in marketing strategies, enhancement in current features etc. (From QuestionPro) With the progress made by the internet, more and more organizations depend on the data received and analyzed from online surveys to make integral changes in their functioning. For efficient data collection, organizations must choose an advanced and efficient online survey platform.

Surveys are for people all around the world who are looking for a way to bring in some extra cash to help with your bills or maybe to help save for something that you would like to buy soon. The thing is, surveys are what citizens of these countries are using to get extra income.

It is not passive income, though, but it is fair. Nigerians have been frustrated because this feature is enjoyed everywhere but here. That is why Payspieloo is bringing online surveys right to you.

Maybe you have or have not heard of online paid surveys, but the truth is practically anyone with a computer that is hooked up to the internet can start making money by filling out different types of surveys via the internet.

This is possible because many companies are willing to pay for honest opinions regarding their current or upcoming products. These companies pay for your opinion. It is worth it because what they pay to get your opinion is nothing compared to what their company will most likely earn from their future product sales by making decisions based on the survey results.

It really is a win-win for everyone involved. The companies get the information they need to better their product, and the survey taker (you) gets a little money.


How does it work?

Online surveys are required to be taken by several different people so that the company gets to know the opinion of its customers about its product and how they can improve. The company will provide you with a survey, and you need to fill in the survey.

When you do so, make sure that the information you provide is accurate and honest, as this is very important. The company will pay you for this, so you should provide them with decisive comments about its products. Not only will you get some money in return, but the company will also give you more opportunities to fill in surveys, so make sure to give it your best shot if you are built a good reputation.


How Lucrative is Taking Surveys?

Those who are looking for an indoor job can get paid for taking surveys online. This type of job is considered to be the most convenient indoor job available. Online paid surveys are stress-free, reliable, and an easy job type that one could ever think of.

Anyone, be they a teen, grandparent, or anyone in between, can get money for taking surveys. There are thousands of companies that need your opinion.

The amount you will earn depends on how many surveys you take and the quality of those sites. You can take as many as possible every day.

When it comes to making money, everyone is looking for a magic formula that will instantly generate tons of cash. Unfortunately, real life is nothing like that, and every Kobo must be earned

So what’s the real deal? Well, it goes like this: it is totally possible to make a few extra thousand bucks a month by doing surveys, but it won’t make you rich. There might be people making N50,000, maybe even N100,000 a month from surveys, but for them, taking surveys is a full-time job.

A regular survey taker who is a student once told us, “Working about 2 hours a day, I manage to earn about N3,000/week regularly on surveys alone. It may not seem like much, but it’s enough to make a few dreams come true and help me through school.

Now let’s spend a few moments talking about the mechanism behind the “paid online surveys” deal and how this is even possible.

Let’s take an example. Let’s assume that a CEO from a big furniture company thought that people would love to sleep standing up, so he spent a lot of money and time creating a vertical bed. Now, because no one wants to buy such a product, the company loses big money and might even declare bankruptcy.

This kind of situation could easily be avoided by doing some market research before starting anything up. That’s why companies are actually willing to invest in online surveys. They ask people what their opinion is and make decisions based on that. This way, they avoid wasting time and money developing a product that would never sell, and you earn money taking surveys.


The Method!

I almost forgot. Actually, here it is:

Things are easy on Payspieloo, and so is making money. You can earn as much as N300 for a survey, and this may be higher, depending on the available surveys.

The method is to take surveys as soon as they are made available. That means checking your dashboard every day.

Another sweet method is to play games on Payspieloo… or share some posts on your social media for money into your wallet.


Who can take Surveys?

And probably the best part of this is that anyone can do it! There are no skills involved and no experience required. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and you are ready to get paid for taking surveys!

Well, on Payspieloo, you must have registered an e-wallet to be eligible for surveys. This registration of an e-wallet is not a payment to sign up to Payspieloo. Registration to Payspieloo is entirely free. Just that we need you to pay for that e-wallet so that we can use it as your personal bank account on the platform. See it as your private Naira blockchain. Without the e-wallet, we cannot track your earnings manually and we might lose track and then have problems with paying you later.


Do you want to get instant access to free paid surveys and start making money right away? Then you need to get over to Payspieloo immediately!

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