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Make Lazy Money in Nigeria

“You have started again!” Mum said.

Shola rolled her eyes. “Mummy what now?”

“You have started pressing that your useless phone again. What do you even gain by pressing phone? Nothing! You will just sit there wasting your time on irrelevances.”

Many of us, like Shola have been in this situation. Without a good response to our parents, we usually succumb to them and leave our phones.

What if you could actually say, “I am making money by pressing this phone, mummy!”? What if you could say that and mean it? That is the aim of Payspieloo.

What is Payspieloo?

Payspieloo is a mobile app that gives you free money for pressing your phone, playing games, and sharing posts on WhatsApp.

Is that even Legal?

Yes. Payspieloo is a GPT platform. GPT means Get Paid To. GPT platforms are common all over the world, but there are been none in Nigeria. No, MMM and the likes are not GPT platforms, they are Ponzi schemes. Payspieloo is a platform where users Get Paid To play on their app.

How Does It Work?

I will try to be completely honest in this article. Please try to understand.

As I mentioned, there are many GPT platforms around the world, Swagbucks, Ysense, and the likes. These platforms may pay users to shop, to watch videos, or to do anything. Whatever users do on a GPT platform makes money for the owners of the platform. The aim of the GPT platform is just to share part of the money they make with the users.

This money is not much. No one is promising you your salary. However, you can make extra earnings, for your next lunch, or fuel money on a GPT platform.

Payspieloo is a GPT platform that offers you money when you

1. play games in the app

2. share advert banners to your WhatsApp status

3. buy data on the app.

What Does it Entail?

Now, in this app, you don’t have to pay anything. In fact, it is completely free. You don’t have to invest, pay, or even buy anything. All the money that Payspieloo owners are making come from advertisements.

Now, there is a threshold. This is the minimum amount of money you can withdraw from the platform. The threshold on Payspieloo, for now, is N5000.

Now, if you join this GPT platform, you have to register an e-wallet for them to use to collate your earnings. This e-wallet money will be deducted from the earnings you earn from the platform when you want to withdraw your first earnings. Then you can start using their premium features like:

  1. play online games that you can win N1,000 every time you win
  2. buy cheap data

You can also become a Gold Member. A Gold Member is a member that partners with the owners to moderate the platform. They are like the Group Admins of the platform. They help the owners to approve new members that just register e-wallet and they earn N500 every time they approve a member.

A Gold Member can approve as many members as possible. A Gold Member can even gather members through Network Marketing and earn N500 when all the referrals register their e-wallet.

Who Pays Someone to Play Games?

Payspieloo! When you play games on Payspieloo, you will be exposed to ads, and that means you will be making money for Payspieloo. It is only fair that Payspieloo wants to give you N1,000 from that money.

See why I call it lazy money? You don’t have to do anything.

No investment


Just play every day, win every day!

If you are ready, click here to download Payspieloo app. Please use my username (Tobby) as a referral, so that when you withdraw your first earnings or when you pay t register your e-wallet, I will get my commission of N1,000 for free.


Next time, when your parents ask you what you gain by pressing phone, show them your credit alerts from Payspieloo. See you.

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