How To Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Student

You are a student—no time for more stress. You are already going through a lot. I won’t remind you of that. But since you are looking for a way to make money online in Nigeria, I am here to tell you this.

First, you need to stop asking Google to tell you ‘how to make money online.’ That may lead to misleading results, and you may end up losing more money than make any. It’s like asking a competitor how you can be as good as he is… Lol. It will not be a surprise if this post does not make it to the top pages in search engines.

The information you need is free, and you should never pay for it. If anyone is asking you to pay for e-books or manuals on making money online, they are shitting you. I would certainly suggest that you do not ever pay anyone to show you how to make online money from selling e-books or manuals on the subject of how to make online money.

Slowly slowly, catch a monkey… Ever heard that phrase? Take your time. Making money anywhere cannot happen overnight. You cannot get rich quickly if you are online for a legitimate purpose. You want to build a real business, and that takes time, commitment and determined application.

But I am a student! I don’t have all the time, commitment, and determined application to make a website and become an online authority.

This article will help you see how you can earn some extra bucks in your Nigerian bank account any time anywhere. You don’t need much: data connection, your mobile phone, and focus.

How a Nigerian Student Can Make Online Money

As a student, you need something to augment whatever source of income you already have. This is exactly what this article is about. So, what are the top ways to make money online that will not take your time?

1. Online Surveys

Online surveys are common ways students around the world make money, yeah, extra cash. You may have heard of it too. But the problem is that there are no Survey sites in Nigeria. Even the ones that accept Nigerians do not have the means of sending money to their Nigerian subscribers. Why? They can only use Paypal and other international means of money transfer. Why is that a problem? These means are either not available to Nigerians or have issues when it comes to Nigerians.

Well, there is a solution. Payspieloo is a new survey site that just launched in Nigeria. They are connected to several data collection companies and others who need your opinion. They are willing to pay you for it. You can earn up to N300 for taking a single survey. And you can take as many surveys as you like. Learn more about this here.

2. Joining GPT Sites

GPT sites are a fantastic way to make money part-time online. GPT sites allow you earn fast cash by completing tasks. GPT sites typically have diverse paid offers. They allow you to get paid for doing things like completing surveys, playing games, or watching ads.

You also get paid to refer others to the GPT site. Did you know that thousands and thousands of internet users are making money from GPT sites? The most popular audience for this site stays at home mom’s who are earning an extra income for their kids and husband. You will actually find many forums where these stay at home moms discuss GPT sites and offers. The same problem the survey sites have… yeah, not available for Nigerians.

Payspieloo is a Nigeria-based GPT site that pays you to complete offers like filling online forms, watching ads, playing games, sharing a post on your social media, etc.

3. Referral Marketing

Many business owners and brands all over the world have platforms for affiliates where you earn money for referring people to them. However, there is also no such thing in Nigeria.

Payspieloo has a set-in-stone referral program that pays you N1,000 for every user you invite to sign up and register an e-wallet for earning. You get paid when the user registers their e-wallet. If you refer 100 people, you get N100,000 instantly into your Nigerian bank account.

4. Playing Online Games

34% of adult internet users play online games every week. This isn’t about making money online playing gambling games, poker, or blackjack. You can make money with these games if you know what you’re doing, but there’s a high element of luck involved. And you can lose a lot of money too!

It also has nothing to do with creating your own games or working for a company that does.

This is about partaking in online games hosted on Payspieloo! This is how it works: You are sure of a game, say you are a strategist and a master of math, you can play the 2048 game or the Multiply game.

Then you read about the rules on Payspieloo. All you have to do is pay N500 (Or if you have nothing yet in your e-wallet, use PAYLATER, where we lend you N500 with N200 interest.), and when you win, you get N1,000 that you will claim to your e-wallet just like that.

You can also play the online version of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire by entering with N2,000 (or the PAYLATER feature where we lend you N10,000). When you win, you get N30,000 for answering 15 questions correctly. However, if you could not answer all 15 but get up to 5 or above, you get to claim N1,000 for your efforts.

5. Advertise in PPS

Globally, online platforms have different advertisement styles. The most common is PPC, which is Pay Per Click. They pay people who click ads. There are others like PPS, PPI, PPA, etc. Payspieloo uses PPS, which is Pay Per Share. That means we pay you when you share a post to Facebook or WhatsApp.

You can earn up to N100 just for sharing a post and uploading a screenshot to confirm your share and claim your prize. You can do this multiple times a day.

These are simple ways any dummy can make money online, and all it requires is talent, skill, planning and creative thinking. Head on to Payspieloo now and start making money!

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