Some hours back, approximately 04:30 pm (Monday, October 4th 2021), the social media giants, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp crumbled and ground to a halt. This is not the first time such an issue has occurred, but this seems the longest downtime ever!

In an interview by Al Jazeera, Ian Sherr, who happens to be the editor at large at the consumer tech site CNET was asked ‘how widespread the downtime is?’ he said it is hard to tell because more than half the world online population uses Facebook every month. Hence, a few users can be a lot of users. He asserts that this outage happens from time to time. Sometimes, it could result from bad behaviour hacks, or someone pushed the wrong button or some computers got misconfigured and will get fixed. He further asserts that the global outage that has been going on for several hours is definitely noteworthy.

‘A day earlier, October 3rd, a whistleblower revealed that Facebook prioritizes profit over the public good. We know that political pressure has been building on the company. Of course, we are not speculating whether there is a link between that and what happened today. But I’m wondering, you know, with all this bad publicity right now for Facebook and this political pressure, can the company withstand the heat, and what do they have to do to change things around?’

Ian Sherr responded in the affirmative. He recognized the fact that Facebook has been going through a lot of pressure of late. He opined that Facebook really need to reckon with all that they have done, ranging from allowing bad behaviour to continue to happen on their platform and to how they haven’t been honest with everyone and everybody else about how bad the situation is, and that is a huge problem.’

The interviewer asked Sherr what the position of regulators is regarding only one person having multiple online platforms?  In response, Sherr likes it to Microsoft’s ‘’situation some 20 years back when it has been discussed in Washington whether or not the organization should be dismantled. He pointed out the fact that the government allowed it to proceed. Hence the situation can’t be different now from what it was some decades ago.’’


To know how egregious the outage is, it must be noted that some 3 billion users have been shut out of the social media space. Several vital activities have been put on hold with tremendous discomfort. Put differently, business talks cannot be done via the regular WhatsApp messaging app. People cannot display their goods on their WhatsApp status and Facebook status. Simple evidence of payment can’t be shared via WhatsApp! Even this writer could not communicate with his lover, which made him lose concentration over and over again. Haha!

Yet, until this moment, Facebook hasn’t deemed it fit to address its users as to what caused the problem or when it is expected to be over.

What do you guys think should be done to prevent future commotions such as this? Well, I guess it makes sense to have duo or telegram as communication mediums.

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