History of Yoruba – Origin and Early History 3

…continued from the previous post. According to another account, Oranyan had only a bit of rag left him, containing earth, 21 pieces of iron, and a cock. The whole surface of the earth was then covered with water. Oramiyan laid his portion on the water’s surface and placed the cock, which scattered the earth with

History of Yoruba – Origins and Early History 2

…Continued from the previous series… We may readily detect a dialectic alteration of the name Nimrod in the name Lamurudu (or Namurudu). Whomever this Nimrod was, we cannot tell whether this is the son of Hasoiil or Nimrod, the Bible’s “mighty hunter,” or whether both descriptions refer to the same person, but this extract not

History of Yorubas – Early History of Yoruba

The Yoruba people’s origins are shrouded in mystery. The most widely accepted versions, like the early history of most nations, are mostly mythical. Because the people are illiterate and the language is unwritten, all they know comes from carefully passed down traditions. The historians are certain families ordained by the King at Oyo, and the

History of Yoruba – A series

The Yoruba tribe lies to the West of the River Niger (below the confluence) and South of the Quorra {i.e., the Western branch of the same River above the confluence), with Dahomey to the West, and the Bight of Benin to the South. It is roughly sitting between latitude 6° and 9° North, and longitude

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