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Make Lazy Money in Nigeria

“You have started again!” Mum said. Shola rolled her eyes. “Mummy what now?” “You have started pressing that your useless phone again. What do you even gain by pressing phone? Nothing! You will just sit there wasting your time on irrelevances.” Many of us, like Shola have been in this situation. Without a good response

Essential Things You Must Know About CryptoCurrencies

This article will show you three essential things you must know about cryptocurrency before you invest. Digital currencies, unlike many other investments, are incredibly complex and risky. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are intriguing because they are unregulated by governments, have limited supply and privacy in financial transactions. However, they are also extremely complicated to

Cryptocurrency vs. Fiat

Currencies, money, economy! Currencies are means or tender for transactions. Now, what is FIAT, and what is Crypto? They both are currencies in one form or another, and both are openly used across the world. They are both used in transactions, but they are different and distinct in their ways. If you have been reading

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