How to Make Money on Payspieloo

Making money in Nigeria has never been easier. They say, “Money no hard to find, na you wan ball like ritualist.”If you are contented with making money with your smartness, here are ways to make money with Payspieloo after activating your e-wallet: Promote your business:Business owners can now use the Advertise option to promote their
lazy money

Make Lazy Money in Nigeria

“You have started again!” Mum said. Shola rolled her eyes. “Mummy what now?” “You have started pressing that your useless phone again. What do you even gain by pressing phone? Nothing! You will just sit there wasting your time on irrelevances.” Many of us, like Shola have been in this situation. Without a good response


Some hours back, approximately 04:30 pm (Monday, October 4th 2021), the social media giants, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp crumbled and ground to a halt. This is not the first time such an issue has occurred, but this seems the longest downtime ever! In an interview by Al Jazeera, Ian Sherr, who happens to be the

Essential Things You Must Know About CryptoCurrencies

This article will show you three essential things you must know about cryptocurrency before you invest. Digital currencies, unlike many other investments, are incredibly complex and risky. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are intriguing because they are unregulated by governments, have limited supply and privacy in financial transactions. However, they are also extremely complicated to

The Truth About Loans Part 2

In the previous article of this series, you were exposed to a competent list of smart lenders. We can easily assert that getting a loan in Nigeria is as fast and easy as the falling of dew. But then the question remains solid, why should you consider a loan?   The simple truth is that

Getting Started With Java Programming Language

Creating Your First Java Program Create a new file in your text editor or IDE named Then paste this code block into the file and save: public class HelloWorld {    public static void main(String[] args) {       System.out.println(“Hello, World!”);    } } Run live on Ideone Note: For Java to recognize this as

Time Management Made Easy

I recently noticed an advertising for a handbook on time management: “Today’s time constraints include shorter deadlines, conflicting priorities, continuous meetings, distractions, and even greater quality standards. Despite this, the number of hours in a day stays the same.” As entrepreneurs, we all battle with time management at times. I once heard an entrepreneur claim

History of Yoruba – Origin and Early History 3

…continued from the previous post. According to another account, Oranyan had only a bit of rag left him, containing earth, 21 pieces of iron, and a cock. The whole surface of the earth was then covered with water. Oramiyan laid his portion on the water’s surface and placed the cock, which scattered the earth with

History of Yoruba – Origins and Early History 2

…Continued from the previous series… We may readily detect a dialectic alteration of the name Nimrod in the name Lamurudu (or Namurudu). Whomever this Nimrod was, we cannot tell whether this is the son of Hasoiil or Nimrod, the Bible’s “mighty hunter,” or whether both descriptions refer to the same person, but this extract not

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