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2048 Game Strategy - How to Always Win 2048

One of the most entertaining and well-paying games on Payspieloo is 2048. It is a strategic math game that anyone can play. After reading this article, you will play and get rewarded with ₦1,000 every time you play 2048 on Payspieloo.

Are you ready to win? Let’s go.

Payspieloo : About 2048

You can play the game on your PC or on your smartphone. The game is played on a 4 x 4 square grid. You can swipe the numbers to the left, right, up, and down. You can’t swipe the numbers in a diagonal direction. The gameplay is done by swiping the number tiles up, right, down and left, and the matching tiles will combine in the direction swiped.

This is how the game works, you move the grid in any direction, and any two numbers that are the same will merge and add up. They form a new number double the two numbers.

What is the objective in 2048?

There are two main objectives of the 2048 game on Payspieloo. While the main point is to keep doubling numbers until you reach 2048. The second objective is to keep getting a higher score.

The higher the number doubled, the better the score. For example, if you add a 4 and a 4, the score will add an 8.

How to Play 2048

Here are some tips on how to play the 2048 game to reach the 2048 number tile and achieve a higher score to get rewarded with ₦1,000 on Payspieloo multiple times:

● Push the tiles to one corner of the square. When you group tiles in one corner, you have a better chance of moving tiles of the same number closer together. Top right, Top left, bottom right, and bottom left are the four corners of the box you can use. The biggest number should be in the corner, so it doesn’t get in the way when you combine other tiles

● Never put a tile with a large number in the box’s middle. This would make it more difficult for you to merge other tiles because the higher-numbered tile will obstruct the appearance of lower-numbered tiles.

● Start with the tiles that have small numbers on them. The tiles with high numbers should stay in one corner to combine the tiles with smaller numbers. The other parts should be like your mixing bowl, and add them up to the corner.

● Use the boxes beside the corner you are using to keep the tile with the highest number to make it easier to combine them together.

● Don’t rush in combining tiles with high values. This might scatter the tiles you are keeping aside and make it harder to combine many tiles. Keep combining squares with small values until you reach your goal.

● Practice a lot. The best winners in 2048 in Payspieloo have so much experience playing the game. Playing 2048 a lot will give you a lot of practice. It will allow you to develop different strategies for achieving high scores.

Still, let us talk about the best strategy to win 2048 every time you play on Payspieloo:

Best Strategy to Win Payspieloo 2048

The best 2048 game strategy can be broken down into a few key elements:

● As much as possible, use only two directions like Down and left, or Right and Down, etc.

● Try as much as possible never to move your tiles up

● Keep your tiles tidy

● Focus on your goal

• Aggressively combine downward and horizontally as needed

Let’s go into further detail into those processes below. The nifty tips we will add up here will help you push every game you play.

Tip ₦1. Use only two directions

The 2048 tiles can be moved in 4 directions: up, right, down and left. But if you want to win, try as much as possible to move in only two. You can move the tiles down and left,and there will be no problem.

You can move the tiles right only to combine tiles that are pushed down. This does not mean that you can’t move the tiles right. Just that you have to stick to the two directions you have started with. Moving to a different direction too often can trap tiles.

Tip ₦2. Never move your tiles up!

Do all but you cannot move your tiles up. There will be cases when you have no choice than moving up. If there are other moves aside from up, don’t go up!

Tip ₦3. Keep your tiles tidy

Keep your tiles to the lower left. That is not the only trick. Keep your tiles clean. Never allow your tiles to go all over the place. Sometimes, it can be hard to do this, but you must really try to go back to tidying up.

When tiles are out of sync or when two equal piles get far away from each other,there might be trouble. For instance, when you leave the same tiles on opposite sides of another tile, it might get nearly impossible to get them back together without luck

Tip ₦4. Focus on your goal: 2048

Well, this tip might be a no-brainer. You need the 2048 tile to get the cash prize. Take stock of the board. Don’t get caught up combining tiles and forget your goal. Your goal is to get the 2048 tile.

Tip ₦5. Combine aggressively downward

If you have your tiles tidy, you should combine aggressively downward and tidy your tiles.

Now let us take on the crème. You want to

Other tips

● As we have seen, 2048 is easy to play. Don’t just tear through the game without even really paying attention to what you’re doing. Take your time.There’s no penalty for thinking your moves through. You can try to predict where new blocks might come in and how you could deploy them

● Always have a specific strategy. Without a strategy, you will most probably not reach further than 512. A good strategy is to always keep your biggest tile at one of the corners. Just choose one corner and direct all your tiles there. It is not as easy as it sounds, but you can master it quickly.

● Once you have a big number in a corner, do not move it. To ensure it is not moved, you have to make the last row always filled by pushing the down arrow so that they will not move right or left to take your biggest tile away. Basically, the biggest cheat to win the 2048 Game is to keep the highest tile in the corner and not move it.

● Stranding a tile to the left of bigger tiles is bad. But you can fix it. That is unless you put another higher numbered tile on top of it. For instance, if you have a full board and trap a 2 in the lower left andmove bigger tiles over the 2, it can be very difficult to fix. Be aware of the board and don’t do this.

● Occasionally you will have to move right, and a 2 or 4 may appear to the left of your highest tile (that is, if it is at your lower left). If this happens, do everything you can to raise that tile up to the value of your biggest tile. This can be really hard if it is a very high tile. If it is 1024, then you need to raise it, but focus on moving 1024. If it is a tile lower than 256, then you can usually fix it.

● If you have to move your tiles up, then everything after that is damage control. It will occasionally but very rarely work in your favor.

Well, this tip might be a no-brainer. You need the 2048 tile to get the cash prize. Take stock of the board. Don’t get caught up combining tiles and forget your goal. Your goal is to get the 2048 tile.

The Payoff

If all of this strategy pays off, you get the 2048 tile, and you win the game. Congrats! You get ₦1,000, and you can take ₦500 out of it and play again. If you did not get up to 30,000 points, and the game ends, you can watch a simple ad to continue by reversing your last move with your entry fee until you win.

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