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Welcome to Payspieloo
The Internet Just Got Rewarding, and you are ready to reap it

The first of its kind in NIGERIA, and it is taking the continent like a storm!!!

Do you think that the internet is only for passing time?

You are right!

The internet has evolved and is no longer just to pass the time. The world is evolving, and the internet is at the ballpoint. There are several markets, vendors, sellers, investments, and many more who use the internet as a huge global marketplace. Many teachers sell how-to guides and self-help information. The internet is not just to waste time.

Many entrepreneurs and philanthropists around the world have started making the internet more profitable for users of the web.

The world is coming together to help lift others. The web is becoming a hub for more and more people to make a profit and learn about ways to better their lives.

For brands to connect with everyday people

For you to reap the rewards of your techiness, we present...

PAYSPIELOO, The Hub of Earntertainment.

Payspieloo is giving out free rewards for people all around the world, starting with Nigeria.

With any device connected to the internet, some smartness, and business sense, YOU too can reap rewards the internet has to offer.

What Can You Do On Payspieloo?

Payspieloo is a rewards-based platform in a category called GPT (Get Paid To). It is a platform that connects to several millions of Nigerians and beyond, you can use Payspieloo for several profitable things:

Participate in rewarded surveys

Play online web-based games

Advertise your brand

Participate in brand awareness programs

Monetise your WhatsApp views

Get cheap data packages that work for any devices

and many more.

Payspieloo is ready to reward all Nigerian internet users.

What is Payspieloo?

Payspieloo is a large free rewards platform. You can join Payspieloo to help change how the world moves. You can advertise brands and your good work will be rewarded. We are building relationships with hundreds of Nigerian brands, who will provide us with thousands of new banners and online surveys every week to provide to you.

Your Payspieloo membership is entirely free, and you can join by filling out the simple registration form when you click Register. Once you are registered, you can start enjoying the full benefits of a Premium Payspieloo membership when you complete rewarded online surveys and share posts on your WhatsApp.

And the best part is, you can do these tasks whenever you want, and anywhere you want. Cell phone, Laptop, PC, or Tablet.


Register an account. Registering an account on Payspieloo is totally free (Terms and Conditions apply).

Once you are registered, you get your dashboard from where you can access all the features of Payspieloo.

However, it is advisable to register a n e-wallet to maximise your benefits because, without a wallet, your dashboard is a mere playground. You would have to unlock many of the features only when you register a wallet.

Please read all the rules in the game before you enter.

Please read all the rules in the game before you enter.

Note: All post sharing are free to enter. You can share as many posts as possible, and stack up your earnings!!! Go to How it Works to learn more.

Press PLAY, let's go!

Easy to Use Interface

Enjoy the feel as you play for free or play to win.

Real points

Try and see for yourself. Earn your points. Refer and enjoy.

Lots more

Feel your rewards - I'm sure you understand

Turn your knowledge and love for fun into cash!

Share this with friends and earn more! The more the merrier.

Can you win games and make ₦1,000,000 in a week?

PaySpieloo : About Quiz Game

Rate us and capture every moments, carry out surveys and get rewarded. Share it to all your friends through the referral program and be compensated.

With the excellent referral program. You get to earn while you sleep.


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